The soul and science of recovery

Boulder Care offers telehealth treatment for opioid addiction grounded in kindness, respect, and unconditional support.

Welcoming new participants in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington

  • Virtual Treatment

    No more waiting rooms or long trips to a clinic. Boulder’s telehealth program is delivered entirely virtually, through video visits and messaging in an app on your phone.

    I love Boulder; the convenience, the privacy of being in my own home, the relationship I have built with my peer coach—it is all life changing.
    Boulder Participant
  • Compassionate Care

    At Boulder, participants and caregivers make all the important decisions together. Our clinicians, peer coaches, and care advocates offer support with everything from medical advice and referrals to searching for a safe place to live to dealing with insurance paperwork and pharmacy issues.

    The staff are amazing, caring, understanding, and they don't judge!
    Boulder Participant
  • Proven Results

    The right combination of medication, peer coaching, care coordination, and other recovery tools helps people achieve happier, healthier lives. ~82% of our participants continue working with us for at least 12 months.

    They have made this easier than I ever thought possible. #wedorecover
    Boulder Participant
  • Customized to You

    Recovery looks different for each individual. What matters to you is what matters to us. We’ll never discharge you for missed visits, returning to use, or using other substances – we’re just here to support you and help you work towards your goals.

    20 years in active addiction, in and out of prison and three children I almost lost to the system, I never thought I could overcome my substance use disorder and thrive in this world as a leader, a mother and a friend. Recovery has given me the gift of passion, purpose and community that allows me to serve others in such a meaningful way.
    Kara N., Lead Boulder Peer Coach
  • "Boulder participants are hitting major milestones without using, and particularly with peer support, they're taking even bigger steps to transform their lives—going back to school, getting driver's licenses, finding better jobs, and moving from homelessness into stable housing."

  • “Real change is hard, and with Boulder I have the incredible privilege of seeing real change in people every day. Medication helps, and I am proud to do my part to make sure that people have the life-saving medications they need, but it is the support of a team like Boulder's that is truly life-changing.”

  • "Living a life in recovery is not always easy, but it's never as hard as living a life in active addiction. Today, I am living a life I had always dreamed of. At Boulder, we invest in the whole person — from their wellbeing to their dreams."


How does it work?

  • Reach out

    We’re here to tell you all about our program, and to help you decide if it’s right for you. We can usually schedule your first appointment within a day. Get started now!

  • Get the app

    We’ll give you a link to download our smartphone app from the app store. You’ll talk to your team and get all of your care through the app.

  • Meet your care team

    We’ll match you with a care team: a clinician who can address medical needs and prescribe medications, a peer coach to offer support from their own lived experience with addiction and connect you to local resources, and a care advocate to help you navigate the treatment process, from scheduling visits to answering insurance questions.

  • Pick up your prescription

    If medication is part of your recovery plan, a Boulder clinician will send a prescription to your preferred pharmacy or can often have medications mailed to you. We’ll guide you through starting your medication with 24/7 clinician support.

  • Work towards wellness

    We’ll work with you to build a care plan that helps you improve your health and achieve your wellness goals. You’ll have regular video visits with your team, and you can chat with us anytime. We’ll be here when you need us, to help you navigate challenges and to celebrate your successes.

Welcoming new participants in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington