In Response to COVID-19

Updated March 19, 2020.

Boulder is welcoming new patients for opioid use disorder (OUD) treatment in Alaska and Oregon regardless of insurance carrier or current ability to pay. We are working hard to ensure no disruption in care to our current patients, and expanding services for Boulder participants to include COVID-19 advice and triage, primary and urgent care services for those who can safely stay at home, and, as always, peer coaching and unconditional support for people seeking recovery from opioid use.


The soul and science of recovery

Boulder Care offers long-term support and treatment for opioid addiction. Our program is backed by science, driven by data, and provided by caregivers who lead with the heart.

Your Own Path to Wellness

  • Proven Treatment

    Licensed addiction specialists can prescribe buprenorphine (Suboxone) as part of your customized care plan

  • Dedicated Care Teams

    Teams of expert care providers work together to ensure you have the right resources at the right time

  • Easy-to-Access 
Digital Platform

    Reach your care team 24/7 through secure video and messaging on your smartphone

Evidence-based Recovery

Addiction is a condition that can be treated—with proven effective care based on decades of research. Healing from opioid use takes time. Medication can help by reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms, while protecting from overdose. Balanced neurochemistry will return as the brain heals.

Normal PET Scan

Healthy blood flow and
cognitive functioning.

Addicted Brain ON Opioids

Addicted Brain OFF Opioids

In the cycle of addiction, there are dramatic peaks and valleys—intense overstimulation on opioids, and dramatically reduced blood flow and impaired functioning when deprived of them.

Brain on Buprenorphine

Medication allows the
brain to restore balance.

Care that Changes Lives

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