Support group

An easier path

to feeling better

Recover from opiate use supported by specialists who understand addiction, know how to treat it, and care about you.

Boulder offers a proven clinical program for patients seeking treatment for opioid addiction.

We deliver medical services both in-person or by mobile phone: enabling care teams to help anytime, anywhere you need our support.


"Unconditional support is what I need.. to know that if I’m struggling, I can call this support system and I’m not going to be judged, ridiculed, my mothering isn’t going to come into question. Whatever is going on, I can reach out"

—Shannon, Boulder Advocate


"Everything about it has to be personal, all of it. I need a certain level of suboxone right now just to sit here, like this, and have a conversation. That’s a real number. When a doctor tells me I have to see a counselor once a month, well, what if I need it more? Everybody has to have a certain recovery plan. You succeed that way, you really do."

—Jason, Boulder Advocate


"Some people like to be alone, and some surrounded with people. Every recovery is different. It’s not just baseline, “This is what they all need.” We all need our own individual things."

—Ashley, Boulder Advocate

We’re on a mission

Empathy always

We know what addiction causes patients and their loved ones to endure. Our team offers unconditional support, without judgement. We’re here to help you navigate the best way forward.

Clinically trusted

We recognize opioid use disorder is a chronic disease of the brain, and support providers who offer longitudinal treatment modalities rooted in sound medical science. We glean unbiased insight from data.

Simplified care

Systemic & structural barriers hinder the potential of effective addiction treatment. By eliminating friction for patients and providers, we amplify their strength as a dyad striving for joint success.

Personalized design

Patients, you deserve flexibility, convenience & quality based on outcomes that matter to you. A variety of modalities and resources are customized to meet personal needs at any point in recovery.