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A proven clinical program for opioid addiction

Boulder offers a digital program to patients who are seeking treatment for opioid use.

The opioid epidemic causes record-breaking deaths and costs hundreds of billions each year. But as over 500,000 Americans can attest, loss of life and human suffering cannot possibly be captured in any statistic.

Addiction is a medical condition that can be treated successfully.

Proven medications like buprenorphine (suboxone) save lives – yet fewer than half of all American communities have any access.

Boulder bridges the gaps.

Our clinical team offers the highest-quality care on a digital platform – reaching patients quickly and privately, anywhere they are.

Nameeta Dookeran

“Boulder Care uses technology to connect patients with multi-disciplinary treatment teams. Patients get real, practical access to quality health care services that save lives.”

Nameeta Dookeran, MD, MS, FASAM, FACP

Clinically Proven

We offer proven medication-based treatments from caring, deeply experienced health professionals. Every patient is assigned a dedicated team, including a Board-Certified addiction doctor, nurse, care coordinator and certified peer coach.

Accessible Treatment

Our digital health platform lets us reach patients wherever and whenever they need us: no waitlists, travel, stigma, or other impossible demands that disrupt everyday life.


“Some people like to be alone, and some surrounded with people. Every recovery is different. It's not just baseline, ‘This is what they all need.’ We all need our own individual things.”

Ashley, Boulder Advocate

Designed for Patients

Patients are the most important member of any care team, and everyone has their own unique story. We help find the right strategies to support individual goals.

Our Treatment Philosophy

Addiction should be approached like any other health condition.

Like diabetes or cancer, addiction can (and should) be managed as a chronic disease. It’s not a moral failing or criminal issue. We can’t rely on a one-time “cure” through rehab or detox.

Patients deserve access to proven medications and specialized services.

Medications reduce mortality by half or more, but in 70% of rural counties, there’s no doctor to prescribe them. Faced with long waitlists or no local options at all, 9 out of 10 people go untreated.

Healthcare services should be grounded in proven science.

Patients deserve care based on the latest proven research without stigma or judgment. Best practices are constantly evolving, and we should be following and driving that learning.

To deprive patients of care is dangerous and unethical.

Some programs penalize patients for drug test results, or discharge patients who fail to meet impossibly rigid requirements – but this puts lives at risk.

Empower patients to decide what works best for them.

Many find 1:1 counseling helpful. Others benefit from peer coaching, spirituality, or group meetings. Support comes in many forms, and patients have the right to choose their own path.

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