The soul and science of recovery

We’re a group of caregivers, builders, scientists, and advocates on a mission to deliver the world’s most advanced opioid addiction recovery plan.

Our program is backed by science, driven by data, and provided by caregivers who lead with the heart.

Components of Boulder Care

Together, let's create a customized treatment plan that works for you

  • Accessible Anywhere

    App-based hub delivered privately at home through secure video

  • Clinical Care

    Board Certified Addiction Specialists, Doctors and Nurses

  • Peer Support

    Group or 1:1, coaching, guided by certified recovery specialists

  • Care Coordination

    Social and behavioral health support, virtually and through community partners

  • Medication & Monitoring

    Reliable access to proven, safe prescriptions

  • At-Home Lab Testing

    Accurate, discreet and convenient saliva drug testing

Every Journey is Different

Unlike most addiction treatment programs, Boulder doesn’t require frequent visits to a clinic. Instead, our care teams provide quality treatment through secure video and messaging. We'll meet you where you are — anywhere you are.

Evidence-based Recovery

Clinical decisions should be driven by data, not stigma. Medication-based treatment helps manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms so the brain can heal.

Normal PET Scan

Healthy blood flow and cognitive functioning.

Addicted Brain ON Opioids

Addicted Brain OFF Opioids

In the cycle of addiction, there are dramatic peaks and valleys — intense overstimulation on opioids, dramatically reduced blood flow and impaired cognitive functioning when off.

Brain on Buprenorphine

Medication allows the brain to restore healthy function and begin healing.

Voices of Boulder

Hear stories from our community of patients and caregivers

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