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Is Boulder Care right for me? We offer telehealth addiction treatment that is grounded in kindness, respect, and unconditional support. We know that everyone’s goals are different—we offer a range of services to help you meet yours.

Feel free to check or uncheck the options below to learn how Boulder can support you in working towards a wide range of different recovery goals.

What are your goals?

Opioid Use
  • Great—we can support you with options like evidence-based medications including Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone), expert medical advice, care coordination, and peer recovery coaching.

    Your Care Team will help you set attainable goals for improved health, happiness, and safety, while we work together to achieve your long-term recovery goals.

  • Great—if your goal is to reduce your opioid use but not stop using entirely, we’d love to support you.

    Our Clinicians can discuss medications like Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone) that may help you to reduce your use, curb cravings, and prevent withdrawal symptoms.

    Your Care Team will focus on helping you stay safe and feel well, from how to access clean needles and test for fentanyl to strategies for talking to your loved ones about your drug use.

  • Our goal is to make effective, compassionate care, including proven medications for addiction like Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone), easy to access.

    With Boulder, you can connect with your providers via message or video from wherever is most comfortable and convenient for you. We offer flexible scheduling, including evenings and weekends, to make sure your care fits into your life.

    Boulder patients pick up prescriptions at their local pharmacy, or can often have medications mailed directly to them.

Other Medical Care
  • Great—if your goal is to stop or reduce drinking alcohol, we’d love to support you. Our Clinicians can discuss medication treatment options based on your needs. Our Peer Coaches can work with you to identify ways alcohol use may be having unwanted effects in your daily life, and equip you with new strategies to feel better.

    Some cases of alcohol use disorder require in-person care to ensure your safety—in those circumstances, we will help you find a vetted local provider to start treatment, make sure you're comfortable and well-cared for, and then continue to provide long-term support as you transition home.

  • Many of our patients are also interested in reducing or stopping their use of other substances. We can offer tailored medical care and advice, care coordination, peer coaching, and referral to other providers or resources depending on what’s right for you.

    We can also share information on safer use from our team of addiction medicine specialists and offer advice on topics like possible drug interactions and worrisome new symptoms.

  • While Boulder Care is not a pain management provider, many people who use opioids or other substances experience chronic pain.

    Depending on your needs, your Clinician can help identify what treatments might be right for you, refer you to other providers, and partner with those providers to ensure that you have a holistic care plan.

  • Mental health conditions like anxiety and depression often accompany substance use disorders. If you’d like support for mental health concerns, your Boulder Care team is here to support you.

    Many of our clinicians have backgrounds in psychiatry, mental health and primary care in addition to specialized addiction training. Boulder Clinicians can also help with referrals to other primary care providers, counselors, psychiatrists, or other mental health professionals as needed.

    Counseling is not a requirement at Boulder, but we’re here to help you get care if you choose, and can make customized recommendations.

Wellness and Fulfillment
  • Relationships often impact substance use, just as substance use can impact relationships. We can help you find ways to re-engage with your loved ones and rebuild strong, healthy support structures.

    We can also support you in talking with your loved ones about addiction treatment, and, with your consent, even invite your loved ones to participate directly in your care.

  • Navigating the legal system can be challenging and stressful, and there is a lot of misinformation about addiction, treatment, and recovery. You might feel like these systems are working against you. We’re here to work for you. Our team has experience with the systems of incarceration, probation, parole, and family court—and many have experienced these challenges personally. We can help translate legal concepts, educate community members and partners, connect you with local resources, and empower you to advocate for yourself—or in some cases, advocate on your behalf.

  • Awesome. Your Peer Coach is here to support you in going back to school, finding a fulfilling job, arranging childcare or transportation, and more. They can help you access local resources in the process—whether that’s getting financial aid, paying off loans, looking for job postings or writing applications.

    Your Boulder Team is also here for you when school or work are challenging, and can share strategies for managing stress while working on your recovery.

  • You shouldn’t need to jump through hoops or get buried in paperwork when seeking healthcare. Boulder is here to make it easy to get the care you need, so you can focus on getting well.

    Care Advocates can help you resolve insurance questions, or sign up for health insurance. They’re just a call away if you encounter issues at the pharmacy. Boulder can also help with referrals to other providers, like primary care clinicians, women’s health specialists, and counselors.

  • Awesome. Your Boulder team can help you create clear goals that are right for you—whether that’s making changes to your drug or alcohol use, getting your driver’s license, paying your bills, finding housing, enrolling in school, reuniting with family, or something else.

    What matters to you is what matters to us. Your Peer Coach can help break your goals down into manageable steps, track progress, and support you through any challenges along the way.

  • The terms “recovery” and “wellness” mean different things to different people. Sometimes, treatment programs can feel inflexible—especially when their principles or priorities don’t resonate with you.

    Boulder’s program is customized to reflect what is personally meaningful to each patient. Whether you want to reduce your use, eliminate some substances but not others, or stop entirely, we’re here to support you. Our priority isn’t your sobriety—it is caring for you.

Whatever your goals, we’re here to help.
Our care team will tailor a care plan to your needs and goals. Ready to get started?