Medical practice

Emboldening providers on the front lines

Boulder arms you with the resources necessary to manage patients suffering from opioid use disorder.

Your work is life-changing and life-saving.

Boulder can extend your reach and provide extra support to your patients, so you can focus on what you do best: delivering great care.

"Any primary care clinician prescribing buprenorphine says it is among the most satisfying roles they have taken on."

"I’ve been a country doctor for close to 40 years now. There are few things that make such a difference. We had people who were struggling... You give them buprenorphine and in a few days they are figuring out what they need to do next."

"Our nation cannot respond without addressing addiction in primary care. There is no question that the time to do it is now."

Providers nationwide are lacking necessary support.

Rural providers: what prevents you from providing medication-assisted treatment?


There are no addiction providers or specialists in my community


Time constraints


Concerns about medication diversion or compliance

Boulder can help

Increase bandwidth

Telemedicine-enabled clinical visits offer convenience and flexibility. Boulder’s simple dashboards and decision support algorithms make information instantly accessible at the point of care.

Add patient support

Boulder’s team offers 24/7 back-up: we’ll always be here to triage care, answer questions or handle emergencies, serving as an extension of your practice.

Integrate services

Ensure patients have their behavioral, medical, and psychosocial needs met. Communications are streamlined in patient records for continuity of care.

Join networks

Engage with colleagues across the country for team-based clinical care, training and education.

Thank you for moving compassionate care forward.

Boulder is in Beta with select organizations. Our platform will be launching nationwide soon!

Join our team of nationally esteemed, mission-driven medical leaders and become a pilot partner.