Our Care Program

At Boulder, we offer high quality, evidence-based treatment grounded in care, respect, and unconditional support. Designed by addiction medicine specialists, our program is based on years of clinical experience, medical research, and results from real patients. We provide the resources and support to help you succeed on your own terms, wherever you are in your journey.

Easy Access, Anywhere

Unlike most traditional treatment programs, Boulder doesn’t require frequent visits to a clinic. Our program fits into your life—no more wait lists, long commutes, or taking time away from work or family to get treatment.

Our digital platform allows patients to connect with their providers 24/7 through secure video and messaging.

Live support on our app empowers patients to ask for what they need, whenever they need it.

Dedicated Care Teams

At Boulder, we believe patients and their caregivers should make the important decisions together. Each patient is matched with an interdisciplinary team of providers who collaborate with them to craft a treatment plan that fits their needs.

Clinicians are specially trained in addiction medicine, and can prescribe medication, supervise care, and address related medical issues.

Care Advocates guide patients through the recovery process, helping with scheduling, insurance, pharmacy issues, and more.

Peer Coaches bring understanding from their own lived experience of recovery to support patients, and help with accessing local resources.

Care On Your Terms

At Boulder, our support is unconditional and judgement-free.

Addiction treatment is not about complying with a one-size-fits-all plan: it’s about meeting you exactly where you are at the present moment.

Get Started

Interested in enrolling in treatment with Boulder, or referring patients to Boulder? Check out our Pathways to Treatment to learn more about our current availability and our processes for enrollment and referrals: