Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is a digital clinic? What is telehealth?

Treatment through Boulder is entirely digital, which means that patients meet and connect with their providers through secure video and messaging in the Boulder App. Offering treatment via telehealth makes care easy to access anytime, anywhere — patients complete visits from home or wherever they feel most comfortable, and pick up prescriptions at their local pharmacy or can often have medications mailed to them.

What is MAT? What medications does Boulder prescribe?

Just as other health conditions are made better with medication, some substance use disorders get better with certain safe, evidence-based medications, known as MAT (medications for addiction treatment). This doesn’t mean that the medication cures the condition, but it does improve the lives of people who take it, similar to medications for thyroid, blood pressure, cholesterol, and other issues.

At Boulder, we prescribe buprenorphine-naloxone (Suboxone) for opioid use disorder because it is safe, proven effective, and helps people to live longer, healthier lives and to meet their recovery goals. We may prescribe other medications for patients with opioid and alcohol use disorders as appropriate. Your Clinician will cover different medication and treatment options with you during your initial visit, including any medications and treatments that have or have not worked well in the past. Our goal is to help ensure we create the best care plan for your needs.

At Boulder, we combine medication treatment with expert medical care and advice, peer recovery coaching, and care coordination to ensure you have the right medication, resources, and support to work towards your unique recovery goals.

What is a Care Team?

Each Boulder patient is matched with an interdisciplinary team of providers who collaborate with them to craft a treatment plan that fits their needs.

  • Clinicians are specially trained in addiction medicine, and can prescribe medication, supervise care, and address related medical issues.
  • Care Advocates guide patients through the recovery process, helping with scheduling, insurance, pharmacy issues, and more.
  • Peer Coaches bring understanding from their own lived experience of recovery to support patients, and help with accessing local resources.
How is Boulder responding to Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Boulder is here to care for new and existing patients during this time and always. Learn more about Boulder’s response to COVID-19, including how we’re expanding services for current and new patients and information for health insurers, providers, and other referral partners about how Boulder can reduce the burden on in-person care delivery systems.

For Patients

Who is eligible for treatment with Boulder?

Our eligibility and cost coverage tool can help you determine whether Boulder’s coverage areas and payment options meet your needs.

Is treatment through Boulder covered by insurance?

Treatment with Boulder is covered by a number of insurance carriers, and we’re working as fast as we can to partner with new plans across the US. We also offer an affordable self pay (out of pocket) option in select states. Learn more about eligibility and cost coverage.

Do I have to see a doctor in person to enroll?

No, in most areas, you can start virtual care right away. For states that do require an in-person visit, Boulder can help coordinate that appointment so you can begin virtual care — call us for more information.

Will I have to provide personal info or a credit card to learn more?

No. We’re happy to chat anonymously about our program to help you determine if it’s right for you, or help you find other options that will be a better fit. Anything you share with us is completely confidential, regardless of whether you choose to enroll with Boulder.

Why does Boulder focus on treatment for alcohol and opioid addiction?

Boulder Care provides evidence-based, compassionate care designed to treat the “whole person.” Our addiction medicine specialists evaluate and connect patients to care for a variety of substance use and co-occurring conditions. Boulder primarily focuses on treatment for two common substance use disorders that have high mortality rates. These disorders have proven medical treatments, backed by science and peer-reviewed research, including FDA-approved medications.

Can I enroll if I’m still using opioids, alcohol, methamphetamine, nicotine, or other substances?

Yes. Whether you want to reduce your use, eliminate some substances but not others, or stop entirely, we’ll customize your treatment to your unique needs and goals.

What if I miss a visit? Will I have to go without my medication?

We know that medications like buprenorphine are life-saving, so we work to make sure that patients have uninterrupted access to their prescriptions. Unexpectedly losing access to medication puts people at risk, and we never want to add stress or uncertainty to our patients' lives. If you miss a visit, our team is always here to help you reschedule, and you can message with your provider in the Boulder App to discuss your needs and make a plan together. We'll also never charge you for a missed visit, or discharge you from our care because of it — we know unexpected conflicts arise, and we’re always here to support you.

For Partners

How can I refer patients to Boulder?

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